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Red Canary 

We hope this site will assist you in locating quality canaries and links to helpful information about Canaries in general and our Canaries in particular. If you are seeking a healthy bird or are seeking potential show stock, there are certainly those available too. Not every bird is show quality because it does take a lot for a little canary to place on the show bench, BUT it does not prevent you from owning a beautiful, young healthy bird that could charm anyone!

While Dian and I have bred Canaries as a hobby for about 35 years; we realize there is a demand for quality canaries. We breed top quality, young, healthy canaries in Texas and pride ourselves in providing little singers in other locations that include but is not limited to Houston, Memphis, Tennessee and New Orleans, Louisiana. In addition to attending bird fairs and competition shows with our excess birds, we also remain close to the best breeders that we meet while attending local and national bird competition events. WE CURRENTLY HAVE NO BREEDER PAIRS AVAILABLE AND ARE NOT SHIPPING.

We have made some of the best friends through our birds. Not a day goes by that I do not have some conversation about what joy a little canary has brought into someone’s life. We could fill a notes file of the names that these little birds have been given. We know of many Romeo, and Juliettes too! 

We enjoy meeting canary lovers from all walks of life. Our birds are in homes of medical doctors, nurses, major university professors, molecular physicists, musicians, mathematicians and everyday people who want to own these lively and songful birds. Our birds enjoy “the life of Riley.” Some have a cadillac cage, others share the kitchen or living room with one or more family members and spread cheer to all the occupants of the home.

While we are best known for our show quality Rose Ivories, we also have Bronze (red black) and red Lipochrome (formerly called Red Factors) and gloster Canaries. In addition to Colorbreds and Glosters, we also specialize in Canaries bred for their song, such as, the very popular Spanish Timbrado.

Because we also are exhibitors and breeders of Canaries and exchange birds with our breeder friends, our birds come from the best stock available. If you want to venture into the hobby of canaries, I recommend you join a Canary club in your area. Get to know the best breeders and purchase your Ground Stock from them. You will be more happy with young, quality birds and getting them from the person who bred them and who can advise you on their best care.

Our goal is to help new breeders of Canaries to get a good start by providing them with quality young healthy breeding stock and advice throughout the breeding process. We get several emails and several phone calls daily, some from new breeders just starting out asking for advice in their new hobby. We are always happy to help whether it is a distress call or mentoring. We also welcome the new canary owner’s questions, whether they got their bird from us or a pet store. We are ready to help!

Our other priority is to provide the single Canary owner with a great singer for the home. We get a thrill knowing that one of our singing gems will be going to a five star hotel where they will be spoiled for years to come. I find that most canary owners are just in awe of their song and are delighted and so amazed at their cute personality.

Dian has achieved Master Breeder status awarded by the National Colorbred Association. She continues to exhibit canaries in various club competitions throughout Texas and surrounding areas.

Visit the Bird Photo Section (Our Birds) of the website to see examples of some of the canaries that we breed. While we like for you to pick out your pairs or singer, we do offer airline shipping – weather permitting. We try to attend all bird club sponsored events to display our birds. However, when there are not any local events, we will meet you within a reasonable distance. Just inquire. We live in a residential area and do not under any circumstances bring strangers into our home nor would we sell from our home. We are respectful of our neighbors but again will deliver or meet you at your office or a predetermined location.

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